Liens & Judgement reporting

    Liens & Judgement reporting

    Nov 02, 2017

    Since we know our credit is vitally important to us, here is some news you need to know. Cisco credit, our credit vendor emailed me below today.

    FCRA Approved LexisNexis Riskview

     Lien and Judgement Report

    • The national credit bureaus' have stopped providing a significant number of public records data pertaining to civil judgments and tax liens. LexisNexis Risk Solutions has observed that borrowers who have a judgment or tax lien are 5 ½ times more likely to end up in pre-foreclosure or foreclosure, as compared to borrowers who don't have judgments and tax liens, making this information vital for lenders.

    LexisNexis® is the industry leader in public record

    information utilizing superior linking technology that yielded a near perfect (99.75%) matching accuracy rate for liens &

    judgments in rigorous testing.

    As a Mortgage Broker, the fiduciary law requires us to work for you, the consumer, vs. the lender, the bank or the credit union. Our mortgage Brokerage can provide can use Cisco Credit's RiskViewTM report as an automatic addendum with every credit report or request the report individually on specific applicants. 

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