Tired but Happy

    Tired but Happy

    Nov 11, 2017

    Today I had the privilege to spend the day showing homes to a long time client. We have been looking and writing offers for a while, but, other offers would beat us out. After doing a market analysis and getting my buyer DU (desktop underwriting by Fanniemae) approved, we wrote a nice and clean offer for the seller, who has bought another house and have been sitting on the market for a while.

    Two things come to mind for buyers to note. When preparing an offer, have your agent do a market analysis on the home you're interested. A little research can save you thousands. Two, find out the seller's needs and find a way to satisfy yours & seller's needs. On the flip side of that coin, as a seller, if you can work with buyer's needs, you'll sell your house & satisfy your own needs.

    Contingencies might of been the reason this home has sat on the market for a while. It is hard for buyers to commit to a house when they cannot be assured of seller will find a home of their desire & buy it. A buyer might wound up losing other opportunities while waiting for seller to find & buy a home of their choice.

    The moral of the story? Be prepared, know what is the cost of your contingencies. Happy Veteran's day! We would not have the freedom nor quality of life without your service & sacrifice! Thank you, thank you, veterans & active servicemen & women. #veteranbuyhouse