Write Your Offer to Win

    Write Your Offer to Win

    Nov 29, 2017

    In Southern california as well as many parts of the country, multiple offers are still fairly commonplace. How can you write an offer that makes you win the bid but not pay any more than you have to?

    In my experience, a letter from the buyer written from your heart to the seller, can make the difference between you & the other buyers who are just names on paper. When you include photos of your family, that is even better. Who can resist a cute child or a puppy?

    Research the neighborhood's market is also helpful. Making your offer based on what homes are selling for, which will have a big impact on the appraisal value, could prevent you from falling out of escrow when appraisal doesn't come in at sale price and seller is unwilling to re-negotiate the price. This would also spare you from wasting money spent on getting an inspection & appraisal, let alone the emotional disappointment!

    Seller, don't be fooled & be enticed to take the highest offer. There are buyers out there who will give a really high bid to beat out the rest when they are counting on appraisal coming in low, then, whittle you down from the price. Recently, a listing of mine received an offer way over expected appraisal value. Sellers & I talked it over & we countered the buyer that appraisal will not be a contingency and buyer to bring in additional funds to make up the possible gap between agreed sale price & appraisal value. Additionally, Buyer was to provide additional proof of funds to show they have the ability to do so should situation arise. I am glad to report we are closing escrow tomorrow.

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