How To Make a Room Feel Larger

    How To Make a Room Feel Larger

    Dec 04, 2017

    One of the most sought after feature in a home for a buyer is the sense of spaciousness that is bright & open, no matter the price range. So if you have a small place but want to make it feel larger, try these few design tips to help you maximize the price you get for your home, or, if you own a smaller home, making it feel open & spacious.

    First, don't think an empty room will make it look larger. It actually could make it appear smaller because there is no point of reference for scale. Instead, arrange your room with a statement piece of furniture that is appropriate for the size of the room. When we shop in furniture stores, most furniture appear smaller due to the large showroom they are in, and it's easy to take it home & find it too large for your space. Measure & plan out your room around a key piece of art or focal point beforehand will save you a lot of money & headache later. More is not better. Light & airy material will also help to achieve your desired results.

    Second, consider leaving your windows uncovered, even without window covering, to let in the light and outdoor, provided, the view outside the window is attractive, even if it's just your neighbor's beautiful yard. If it's possible, make the windows larger. A clean & sparkling window also will create the sense of openness without breaking the piggy bank.

    Thirdly, keep your color scheme simple. Too many color makes a room feel crowded and busy with little room to breath. Use bold or dark color sparingly. If you do use bold color, make sure you balance it off with perhaps a pillow or other accent piece. On the other hand, institutional white is not your friend either. Choosing a color that is neutral but inviting to create a soothing environment, coupled with opportunity to highlight a color for focal point is something else to consider.

    Staging & creating an inviting home environment that speaks to the lifestyle you or a buyer would desire can net you thousands of dollars in the sale of your property or years of enjoyment living in your small home.

    I am here to help when it's time you consider selling your home. Happy Monday!