To sell or not to sell during the holiday season

    To sell or not to sell during the holiday season

    Nov 13, 2017

    The holiday season has definitely started. Everywhere you look if it's not Thanksgiving themed then it is Christmas already. Many people think it's best to wait until next Spring to put their house on the market thinking it's the slow season now. Also, the parties & decorations...

    But, have you thought of how as the inventory is less, the demand isn't? Consequently, based on the supply & demand theory, what do you think it's the effect of the price you can get for your house?

    Also, all the marvelous decorations you put up for the house is a great way to create that warm & fuzzy feeling of a home that attracts buyers. And, the buyers out looking during the holidays are serious about moving, or, they won't be looking at all during this busy time.

    Last but not least of considerations, tax write off. Have you checked with your CPA re: the tax benefit of selling your house before the year ends?

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