Between holiday parties, time off and baked goods galore, December can easily become a less productive month at work. Help your team get back into gear and re-focused now that January has begun with these tips:

  • Focus on time management. You don’t want the team to start the year by feeling overwhelmed. Institute sound time management practices from the start to set yourselves up for a stress-free 2016.
  • Set specific, short term goals. Many people see a new year as the time to set long-term goals and objectives for the next 365 days. But so much can change in a year! Look at creating goals for the first quarter of 2016 to start, and then re-assess before looking further ahead.
  • Keep the holiday happiness alive. Your team’s spirit was likely at an all-time high around the holidays – try to keep that alive as long as possible as we head into colder, darker months! Set up a hot chocolate station as a mid-week treat. Share an upbeat playlist for when your team is on the road. Organize a “pay it forward” day. The options are endless.

What other strategies do you use to kick off a new year successfully? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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