Home staging is an important part of getting any property ready to list, but the process can be more complicated than many sellers expect. In fact, there are a few fairly common staging mishaps that sellers sometimes overlook amidst the hustle and bustle of moving.

In honor of Halloween, we’re sharing three “staging scaries,” and some advice for how to make sure your sellers avoid them.

  • Leaving Rooms Empty: It can be tempting for sellers to focus on setting up the main living spaces, leaving rooms on additional floors vacant. While you don’t need to stage every nook and cranny of every room, encourage your clients to place at least a couple pieces of furniture in each one. Even a few pieces of temporary, inexpensive décor can help buyers more easily picture themselves moving in.
  • Opting Out of a Professional Cleaning: Some home sellers are hesitant to spend money on a professional cleaning service because they believe cleaning is one thing they can do themselves. Make sure you emphasize how much of a difference a spotless property can make, and how much time and effort it would really take if they were to tackle the project on their own. Time = money, especially in real estate.
  • Keeping Personal Items on Display: Sellers often believe that leaving their family photos and knick knacks in plain sight can help show potential buyers how livable the space is. In reality, leaving these personal mementos around can have the opposite effect – it makes it even harder for a buyer to picture their own family in the space, because yours is so clearly present. Encourage your client to pack those items up first, then look to replace them with more generic decorations.

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Image from ThinkStock.