Touchdown. Homerun. Goal!!! We often describe our successes through sports vernacular. We “score” when we achieve something extraordinary; we “win” a new client; and, of course, we “beat the competition.” We compare ourselves to sports stars as a way to celebrate our accomplishments, because the rush we feel is comparable. But is our level of discipline up to par? The discipline of professional athletes is legendary – yet too often we want to score without putting in the time it takes to be the best we can be.

As a life-long athlete, I learned that talent alone wasn’t enough to differentiate myself from my competitors. Those who had true discipline – who were committed to constantly improving themselves – were consistently more successful.

How does all-star discipline translate to the real estate business? Thankfully, it doesn’t mean we have to train five hours a day like I did for the races I swam in college! In our industry, it’s not about how much we exercise and eating the healthiest diet possible, although staying physically fit is always a good idea. Here are a few great plays we can borrow from our favorite teams to ensure we bring our “A Game” every single day.

1. Know Your Stats

Avid sports fans can (and will) cite stats about their favorite teams and players down to a granular level. Do you have that same level of knowledge about your business? Start with defining what’s important for you to measure – what metrics would improve your business if they were higher (or lower). Then establish benchmarks, set goals and keep score on an ongoing basis to make sure that you’re hitting the mark.

2. Use the Best Equipment

Do you think Phil Michelson would be a household name if he’d been using a set of antique golf clubs? Well, maybe. But even the most talented individuals need the best equipment in order to maximize their success. For ERA brokers and agents, that means leveraging our industry-leading Zap technology. As the first real estate brand to adopt this end-to-end technology solution, our brokers and independent affiliated agents have access to predictive analytics that literally tell them when their customers are ready to transact. For those using the platform regularly, Zap provides an incredible edge on the competition.

3. Commit to Consistency

Great athletes don’t just train when inspiration strikes. They put together a very specific training schedule and they follow it consistently. Without deviation. That doesn’t necessarily mean running laps in the wee hours or drinking raw egg milkshakes. It means creating and following a plan that focuses on what drives success. In just one year, we’ve seen a direct correlation between use of the Zap platform and productivity: brokers and agents logging on at least twice per week are seeing increased levels of productivity.

Ultimately, to be the best we need to perform with passion – and that can only come from within. Add to that the right metrics, equipment that gives us an edge, and an unwavering focus, and you’ve got the makings of the next MVP.

Game on!