Recently we asked ERA Real Estate affiliated agents how they would react if their buyer’s offer was suddenly thrust into a multiple offer situation. Instead of telling us how they would feel, the agents showed us through GIFs. There was an outpouring of responses! Here’s four of our favorites:

Any day. Any time. “Bring it,” said Bill Olson of ERA Wilder Realty.


Rissa Meisner from ERA Strother Real Estate brought out her inner-fierceness.


Jacob Sanders at ERA Byars Realty wonders what else could possibly happen to the deal?!


Keeping it classy is Grattan Donahoe‘s approach. 😉


It was fantastic seeing how varied the reactions were. At the end of the day, our ERA-affiliated agents have fun and get it done. Did any of the reactions match your personality? Get matched with one of our awesome real estate professionals by getting started on

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