Closing a deal before the holidays may feel like a challenge but it doesn’t have to be. Sure, it’s a busy time of year but with these five tips in mind, you’ll have your deals – and gifts – all wrapped up.

  • Leverage existing demand. The secret is out: fall selling season is a burgeoning trend. A recent survey of our TeamERA associates found that almost three-quarters of those surveyed anticipated an uptick in market activity through November. Keep in mind that families who are moving in the fall prefer to get in a home before the holidays hit. To help make this a reality, stay in lock step with your clients to ensure timelines and goals are aligned.
  • Guide your clients on holiday décor. For sellers, make recommendations that they keep holiday décor in check this year. Potential buyers want to envision themselves having their future holidays in the home, and personal, over-the-top décor can get in the way of that. Opt instead for subtly festive details that complement the space, like small twinkle lights to add brightness and warmth.
  • Timing is key. In late-fall and winter, darkness can fall as early as 5 p.m. in some markets. Keep that in mind when considering open house timing if you’re selling, or scheduling appointments if your clients are buying. Investing in LED lights can help illuminate homes when evening hours can’t be avoided.
  • Use your time efficiently. Take a moment to reflect on time management practices. What processes can you simplify in your day-to-day that can help you power through the season?
  • Focus on the price. Work with your selling clients to make sure the price of their home is appropriately reflecting current market trends. Many buyers during this time are looking for a holiday steal, so listing appropriately can help deals close faster.

What strategies are you using to move sales along during the holidays? Tell us in the comments below!

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