As real estate professionals, we’re constantly on-the-go. Between traveling to showings and offices—some days we spend more time in the car than out of it. Here are some tips for maintaining a conducive working environment, even when on the move:

  1. Download a hands-free note taking app for a quick and easy way to jot down information. Evernote is a great example of an app that leverages this technology, it transcribes exactly what you say into your phone’s microphone, word-for-word.
  1. Invest in a monthly, unlimited car wash service to ensure you make a positive first impression anywhere you go. A clean, organized vehicle shows potential clients you are trust-worthy and responsible.
  1. Consider a mobile Wi-Fi hot spot. One of the biggest issues people working on-the-go face is inconsistent and unreliable internet service. Most smart phones can fairly easily become mobile hot spots, find out casino online how here.
  1. Always keep an “Emergency Kit” handy. Include an extra shirt in case you spill coffee on yourself, a cell phone charger, a sewing kit in case you lose a button, a healthy snack to prepare for any last-minute client meetings and a stash of gum for any impromptu, post-lunch engagements.
  1. Make sure you have the ERA app downloaded onto your mobile devices. This will allow you to create the best, most technologically advanced customer experience for your prospective clients – right at your fingertips.

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Image via Thinkstock