An ERA Ambassador’s Approach to Real Estate

Here at ERA®, we pride ourselves on having a nationwide team of expert brokers and agents equipped with unparalleled knowledge of the industry. ERA Central Realty Group’s founding owner and broker, Ann Davis – who is also a 2016 Hall of Fame Inductee, has upheld this standard throughout her more than 30 years with our brand. How did Ann’s journey evolve, and what advice does she have for veterans and newcomers alike? Check it out:

The Journey

With a love of real estate and a passion for education, Ann opened the doors to ERA Ann Davis & Associates in 1986. A trailblazer, Ann’s brokerage began with three real three real estate sales professionals and was owned and managed entirely by women in a time when real estate was still dominated by men. “Everyone in the realtor organization was a man, but there I was,” said Ann.

Ann had a unique vision that by fostering a culture of teamwork, education and shared expertise, she could guarantee success for her growing organization. This cooperative concept was a dramatic departure from the idea that competition was the key to success in real estate and it drove her decision to affiliate with ERA Real Estate. Built on her great reputation and work ethic, Ann’s firm has evolved to ERA Central Realty Group with five offices and more than 150 sales professionals.

Ann added, “Most people measure success differently than I do – being proud of what I did that day. I’ve never said by ‘XX time of XX year, I want to have XX agents’ or ‘I want to have XX number of dollars in my bank account.’ It’s the approach I take – if you do right, the money comes. If you help people, they don’t forget. If all you’re trying to is make money, they’ll forget you real quick.”

The Advice

  • Be the expert: In today’s day and age being knowledgeable is more important than ever – information is easily accessible. You have to be able to justify why a client needs you – know the streets, the neighborhood and the nuances.
  • Live it to learn it: You always perform best in an area you’re familiar with – schedule client meetings in your office so you can be comfortable and confident.
  • Be upfront: This isn’t a profession where you can pretend to know something you don’t. If you’re a new licensee, be honest with your client; reassure them that you have a great team behind you and that you’re dedicated to providing them with the counsel they need.

What are some of the defining moments in your real estate journey? Share in the comments section below!