Do you invite customers to your sales meetings?

This question stood out for me when I read the Forbes article,  “Is Your Sales Force Mediocre?”, by Lisa Earle McLeod.

My initial reaction to this question was,” No, why would we do that?  It’s better they not know the craziness that goes on inside of the company!” (joke).  After looking at it from a different perspective, I started thinking about the insights we could gain by including a customer or two in our sales meetings.

  • What better way is there to craft your value proposition than to have your customers tell it to you?
  • When your customers are at your sales meeting, they can explain exactly why they chose you amongst a myriad of other choices.

Here are a few reasons to invite your customers to a sales meeting:

  1. Gain an understanding of the value that your company brings to the community.
  2. Uncover unique insight that you may be missing (hiding in plain sight).
  3. Develop  a sense of pride among agents byhearing how different and terrific they are compared to their competition.
  4. Increase attendance at sales meetings, because knowing that a customer was coming to explain the decisions they went through when choosing an agent would be a draw.

If you’ve ever had a client at a sales meeting, or if you think this idea wouldn’t fly in your office, tell us about it below!

photo credit: Victor1558 via photopin cc