Here at ERA®, we continually strive to cultivate the innovative and forward-thinking approach that’s associated with our team – our ongoing integration of Zap is one of the pillars that helps our teams uphold this standard. As we dig into the “DNA” of Zap, data emerges as the key building block. As ZapLab’s Chief Product Operations Officer Jake Lyman recently said in a LinkedIn article, “Everything is made up of data, everything is connected to the Internet of Things (IoT)…For a business to truly serve their customer base – they must begin with good-quality data.”

Lyman, who works closely with ERA and all our Realogy marketing teams to help integrate the Zap technology throughout our network of brokers and agents, shared his expert thoughts on all things data via a recent Forbes Insights special report: “The Data Differentiator: How Improving Data Quality Improves Business.” Here are some of our favorite excerpts:

  • On Data Quality – “The quality of the external data we integrate into our technology is really important. But the core data set is entered by a human – a real estate agent. And so we spend a lot of time confirming information and using data sets to validate of replace human-entered data.”
  • On Challenges – “One of the things we do is bring all the data sets together, cull and customize it. Once you have that data set and you start thinking about layering on additional components, for us, finding the value in those additional components is the most important aspect.”
  • On Evaluating Data Vendors – “…the advice I give is to be fastidious when vetting data…having a team that really understands how to use data to improve business is key.”

Interested in reading all of Lyman’s thoughts? Check out the “Real Data for Real Estate” section of the special report.