In every avenue of business, the overall success of a company starts with the development of a great team. While hiring qualified candidates is an important part of the equation, establishing and maintaining a collaborative company culture is vital to the organization’s growth and prosperity. Matt Mansfield, Director of Sales & Marketing at ERA Reardon Realty, shares how his team was able to create such an environment and the benefits that come along with doing so.

Adapting to change:

Back when Matt Mansfield joined the team at ERA Reardon Realty in 2006 the company’s agent roster consisted of approximately 12 professionals. From a managerial perspective, it was much easier for the executive team to oversee and implement programs, as well as establish genuine relationships with every employee, when operating at that size. However, over the years, the team tripled in size, causing the firm to rethink their existing management practices and team structures. If they wanted to maintain a close-knit and supportive work environment, they knew they had to make some changes.

Establishing a forum for discussion:

To help open the lines of communication within the agency, the team decided to use their existing staff meetings as a platform for peer-to-peer conversation and problem solving. Each week, the team would read through their most recent customer reviews as a way to highlight all of the great work their agents had been doing. After that, the floor would be opened up for agents to discuss any concerns or problems they were having at that time. Doing so gave them an opportunity to work through the challenges with the advice and insights of the larger team.

Creating an updated office space:

Once the company tackled some of their internal issues with training and communication, they decided it was time to make adjustments from a physical standpoint. This started with transforming their existing office layout of closed-off cubicles, to a shared workspace that was relaxing, modern and functional. Known as the “agent lounge,” ERA Reardon Realty’s updated café-style space featured comfortable, modern furniture, making it easy for agents to collaborate with their peers and share ideas.

Proven Results:

Since focusing on improving their company culture, ERA Reardon Realty has seen increased agent productivity, decreased turn-over rates and outstanding customer service reviews. In fact, they just received ERA’s prestigious Jim Jackson Memorial Award for 1st IN SERVICE® in recognition of their superior customer service and sales productivity. It is evident that their approach to placing company culture at the forefront of their business strategy has paid off.

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Image via Matt Mansfield.