Drumming up interest in an open house may be about as fun as watching paint dry, but getting people through the front door is a (huge) step in the right direction when it comes to getting your latest listing sold. And with the tools and technology available today, connecting with prospective buyers near and far is easier than ever—provided your willingness to explore new avenues that might not be on everyone’s radar.

For Gus Grizzard, broker/owner of ERA Grizzard Real Estate, Facebook Live has been a great way to connect with potential customers. “People are looking for that immediate interaction, and Facebook Live is an incredible opportunity for agents to engage not only in real time but in a genuine, unscripted manner,” he explains. “There’s 10x as much connection value to Facebook Live than a standard, professionally shot video. Agents can share a glimpse into their business and life as a Realtor while everyone watching can actively get involved with their comments and reactions.”

The ERA Grizzard Real Estate team has used the new service for more than just open houses as well, “Our agents have promoted open houses, given tours of neighborhoods and even shared community events using Facebook Live,” says Gus, “If people enjoy watching your videos, they’ll stop what they’re doing to tune-in.”

According to Gus, however, real estate professionals should be selective with how often they leverage the Facebook Live service. “I’d caution agents to use it sparingly so it doesn’t lose its value, and to switch it up to create a new sense of excitement and anticipation for each session.”

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