We’re proud to have a team of dedicated and extremely talented professionals across the country, and we’re always excited to share their expert advice. Earlier this month, a handful of our highest-ranking agents came together on the campus of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas to share insights with a capacity crowd of fellow professionals looking to get to the next level. We’ve rounded up some tips from these top producers here for you:

Erin Mills, ERA Donahoe Realty

  • Tap into Technology. An avid user of Zap, ERA’s technology platform, Mills enhances her listings with personalized comments and insights – a tactic that has generated leads for her. She calls the brand’s technology and CRM platform “a Monster Machine of Awesomeness” – and she is clearly not afraid to use it!

Jennifer Davis, ERA Realty Center

  • Hire an assistant. Building out her team allowed her to do more ‘on purpose things’ that maximized production and maintained life balance. She hired her first assistant only 6 months into the business and now has a team of four.

Pat Schweigert, ERA Realty Central

  • Play the numbers. She adheres to the 10/10/20 prospecting system, which involves personally knocking on the door of the 40 homes surrounding each of her listings. She also uses the 5/5/4 follow-up approach daily and reaches out to five people already in her database, has five new conversations, and has four follow-up conversations.

Shauna Jo Larkin, ERA Brokers Consolidated

  • Leverage market expertise. Larkin counsels clients on market conditions, combats low appraisals, demystifies “Zestimates” and builds the trust needed to close business and receive referrals.

Joe Gulino, ERA Brokers Consolidated

  • Be high touch and high tech. Gulino leverages disciplined prospecting and business networking to fuel his business. He believes that he needs effective technology to be successful but he also needs to bring credibility to the clients. He really likes the Zap scripts and follow-up plans because they keep him connected with clients with very little effort. He has closed five deals from Zap leads.

Teresa Vasquez, ERA Brokers Consolidated

  • Get social. A millennial who has integrated Facebook and Instagram into her marketing, Vasquez generates 70 percent of her business from social media. She communicates regularly using Facebook Messenger and has found posting open houses in Facebook Groups to be effective.

Looking to discover best practices of successful ERA® affiliated agents like those showcased above? Learn more about our next Regional Connections Learning Event taking place on July 19th in Nashville, Tennessee here.