How much is my house worth?

    Use our seller tools to find out what your home is worth in today’s market. Start by looking up your home value estimates, then get a better idea of how much your house is worth by using the pricing tool and the insight of a local agent.

    Estimates, $735K $565K Pricing Tools, $345K $524K $726K Expert Opinion

    Use home value estimates as a starting point

    Home value estimates are a great place to get an idea of what your house is worth today. For more details, use the pricing tool to instantly customize your estimate.

    Smartzip $812K, Zillow $825K , $745K ,HomeGain $900K

    See more details about your property value with the pricing tool

    The pricing tool gives you a more accurate estimate based on nearby comparable homes and your local market values. Adjust the criteria to reflect your home’s specific features for a closer look.

    Discuss your local market values with a real estate agent

    For the best information on property values, reach out to a local real estate agent who knows your market. They can talk you through what your home is worth and why.

    Look up your home value estimates

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