ERA Sellers Security® Plan

    Selling your home without the guesswork!!

    Timing is everything when it comes to selling your home.
    That’s why we’ve developed a program to provide confidence
    that the sale of your home will be completed in a timely and
    efficient manner – or we’ll buy it from you.

    With SSP, qualified consumers receive:

    • 1. More transparency

      We can tell you when your property will sell and how much you’ll be paid (between 80 and 90% of the appraised value).

    • 2. More options

      Plan on relocating or moving to a new construction property? SSP gives you more flexibility when it comes to selling your home – because you’re in good hands. In addition to the contract to sell your home to ERA Franchise Systems LLC, your home is still on the market so you can receive other offers. And you can opt-out of your listing agreement with your ERA® broker within 21 days of being notified if you do not qualify for SSP.

    • 3. More authority

      You can have the upper hand when negotiating for your next home, knowing that your currently property will sell.

    Find Out if You Qualify

    You must:
    • Market your home through the SSP program.
    • Purchase a home inspection and home appraisal.
    • Agree to reduce the list price of your property at certain intervals during the agreed selling period.
    • Purchase your next home through ERA Real Estate1.
    • Have a minimum of 10% gross equity in the property.
    • Be current on all mortgages and make mortgage payments and maintenance on the property until closing.
    Your home must:
    • Be a single-family primary residence. Townhomes and condominiums qualify. The property can be vacant when applying for the program but cannot be rented during the SSP listing period.
    • Be valued between $50,000 and $750,0002.
    • Be marketable; the condition and appeal must meet or surpass typical buyer expectations for the area and price range.
    • Be located in your broker's primary marketplace.
    • Meet absorption rate criteria; the local absorption rate (the approximate time it takes for a property to be sold) must be 15 months or less.

    1. Exceptions include military personnel moving into base housing, those purchasing new construction as the result of a referral to agent from the builder, those moving into a senior living facility as a result of a referral to agent from the facility.

    2. Maximum appraised values are based upon local statistics. Properties valued in the top 10% of sales per prior 12-month MLS data for town, city, or zip code do not qualify. (Maximum ERA Franchise Systems LLC offer: $675,000.)

    ERA Sellers Security® Plan Timeline

    • 180 Days

      (Applications accepted with an absorption rate of 1-9 months)

    • 270 Days

      (Applications accepted with an absorption rate of 10-15 months)